Friday, April 23, 2010

Reality Friday

Well it's that time of the week again. Back to reality to write about my dream world experiences from my real world standpoint.
I think it's been pretty clear that I've been having fun with photo shop this week. I had a blast going through internet photos of Marc Jacobs, and then photographing myself as if I were reacting to him in the photo. Below are a few outtakes from my shoot.

I actually finished the next phase of this art/fashion project, which is the fake collaboration with Miu Miu. I had a lot of technical difficulties with that project as I was teaching myself some new sewing techniques, so it was at times making me want to rip all my hair out, but I figured it out which ultimately left me feeling really good.

The Miu Miu pieces I will start posting at the end of next week.
Until next Friday, I'll be back in my DREAM WORLD!

My dog Woody Guthrie was constantly trying to insert himself into the photos with Marc and me. Publicity whore.

Even my dog thinks I'm a little wacko, perhaps.

Real Marc:

The outcome:


  1. That is gold! Love it.

    Your blog is great! What a fun idea. I'll be back. x