Friday, April 16, 2010

Reality Fridays

I've decided that every Friday I will come back to the real world and reflect on my dream world experiences.
Just to clarify, unfortunately no, I did not have dinner with Marc Jacobs, or fly to Milan to meet with Miuccia Prada, nor did I actually collaborate with Marc at Louis Vuitton or get a pad in Greenwich Village. (That wasn't even me in the photo with Bob Dylan, it was Suze Rotolo, but you know, it's my dreamworld) What is real is my dream to work for or with these designers one day, and I don't want to keep living my life without acting out on my dreams. I know I probably won't be able to work alongside Marc Jacobs, so this is the closest I am going to get to it, and do you know what? It's been incredibly fulfilling to live in my head and my dreams.

It has also been rewarding to pretend I'm part of the fall collections my heroes have worked on, and what is real are all the pieces I have designed and made by hand. I showed my first piece yesterday, and I already have seven more that are finished and waiting to be photographed.

I also want to say that I feel lucky that there are some things from my real world that still exist in my dream world. My husband is still my husband in dreamland, and my family is still my family, and I have the same friends, which makes me feel really good to know that even in my dreams I want the people in my real world to come along for the ride.

Until next Friday,
I'll keep dreamin' on.

*photo by Fabienne Lin

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